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I make all my tough decisions in my fort. What? You don't? [PART 1]

Posted by Sheena on August 11, 2012 at 11:15 PM

~~~~~The key to humor is surprise; surprise in the punch line or idea. Okay I stole that, but it’s true;) Usually shock value tends to get the biggest response. Otherwise, what would be the point? With that said, cartoons and comics have been around for ages. I, for one, have always loved reading the political cartoons in the local paper. They somehow find a way to say what everyone is thinking, but would not be allowed to be published in any article. Then you have the “funnies” in the Sunday paper. I was always a Garfield fan growing up because I liked the sarcastic humor, not to mention the simplicity.

~~~~~I’ve always thought how cool it would be to be a cartoonist of editorial cartoons. I’m not oblivious to the stupidity in the world & like to poke fun at it any chance I get. Which leads me to where I’m going with this.

~~~~~The topic for discussion is the whole, being a military spouse thing. It’s a world all in it’s own, with it’s own expectations, rules, benefits, hardships, and stereotypes. *Gasp* Yes, stereotypes. There are many stereotypes for all different “breeds” of military spouses. Each “breed” has their own… *cough*… unique characteristics. Now I’m not referring to the amazing women out there who support their husbands, take care of the children, keep the bills and the home in order, deal with deployments followed by a roller coaster of emotions, pick up and move to wherever the military says and start over time and time again. I mean, women like this, the good ones, the strong ones, they may as well shit glitter because everything about them is beautiful.

~~~~~The spouses I’m referring to here, are… (dun dun dunnn) the bad ones. *said with growly face* The spouses who cheat on their husbands while they’re deployed, who clean out the bank account for frivolous things like Coach purses & designer self tanner. The spouses who pop out kid after kid because the military pays for it. The ones who sit at home all day every day eating bacon wrapped twinkies, popping pain pills and gossiping about the Sergeant’s wife because THEIR husband is a Gunny. The ones who list their job as “military wife and HBIC.” The ones who drive a minivan with 85 bumper stickers stating that she’s a military wife and to “not confuse your rank with [her] authority.” Hell, I could go on and on with this… which is why I just drew some cartoons instead :P

~~~~~This one was the first. I sent it to the Facebook page, "Overly Sensitive Military Wives." ("Quit calling me a soldier, I'm a Marine," also picked it up & posted it) OSMW posted it and it basically went viral. It made a lot of people very mad, but it also made a lot of people laugh... which was the point.

~~~~~A "Dependapotamus" is a TYPE of military spouse who.... well, just look at the picture. It says it all. & I'm not saying this describes ALL military wives, for bedazzled unicorn's sake! If that were my message, don't you think I would have wrote, "Diagram of ALL MILITARY WIVES?" Hmmm? I took all the bad characteristics that I've observed and heard, AS A SPOUSE MYSELF LIVING ON BASE, and rolled them into one butt hurt factory of a drawing. Kinda makes it funnier that way… like comedy in general. The more exaggerated with also being close to the truth, the better.

~~~~~Honestly there were a lot of women offended by it… but usually those were the women who obviously felt guilty about maybe having some of the qualities listed in the drawings. It only affects you if you think it’s about you, otherwise, you wouldn’t much care. A lot of comments came out about karma and they hope I didn’t procreate, how God has something in store for me, how I must have drawn myself, how they could kick my ass… blah blah blah. I was thouroughly entertained, so thanks to all the haters. *Waving* My response is, naa-nee naa-nee poo poo, stick your head in dog doo. ☺

~~~~~With that said, please enjoy the rest of my cartoons. I don’t think any more explanation is needed. You can see the progression. The next one was my response to comments from the first. The next was response to comments from the second, and so on.

~~~~~So after this one, people were complaining that not all dependas are fat and that there are the skinny ones too. Sheesh! These people were keeping me busy :) On top of the fact that you can't please everybody. So I drew yet another one.

~~~~~There... have I covered everything? Hmmm... I think not;)  

~~~~~This was my idea of what the service members point of view might be. Just a guess, of course.

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